Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Persistent Bike Guy

I didn't plan on blogging more than once a day, but on my way home, the funniest thing happened. I'm walking home from the Metro & this guy passes me on a bike. "Hey cutie" he quips. First, I don't like being approached that way, so I said hi and kept walking.

Well he turns around and asks me if he can call me sometime. "No, I have a boyfriend". Clearly a lie, but I figured that was the quickest & easiest way to get rid of bike boy. Nope, he rides along side of me, "well you can call me", he says. "No, I can't I have a boyfriend", I reply.

He keeps on trying for a few more minutes, then gives up & leaves...

Why do some guys not take no for an answer. If a woman says "no I have a boyfriend", isn't that a clear sign of, "I have a boyfriend, I'm not going to cheat, leave me alone?"


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