Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I Don’t Do Pansy...The Break-Up (Pt. 2)

So Saturday after his random morning text, and me ignoring him. I get the following Sunday evening:

Klein: Where are u. i know u think i don’t care but i do this ordeal with my moms is a bit much i haven’t been feeling well either plse don’t think im tryn 2 hurt u

Me: ok

3 hours later

Me: I’ve had time to think about everything and I think you are a great person and have good intentions, but maybe the timing is bad for you in regards to being in a relationship right now. I’ll be here if you need a shoulder to lean on. Deuces Pansy boy (<---ok I didn’t say deuces...but I was trying to be nice)

My thoughts: I do think he was a nice guy, but he has/had waaaayyy too many issues. I’m not a teacher, and don’t have the patience to school him. Did I like him? Yes. Did I love him? Not like that. Was I in love with him? Nope nadda. Possibility of friendship in the future??? Who knows...


P.O.W said...

Adios pequeño niño. Mejor suerte la próxima vez

Ms. Minx said...

I know I said I was rooting for Klein, but man...*shakes head* I'm disappointed. Hope his mama gets better, but I guess he really does need to focus on her.

<---I'm mad at the fact you actually typed "Deuces", tho, lol

Anonymous said...

yea i agree with minx seems like you needed to back off anyways. let him deal then get back later.

Vodka and Ground Beef said...

Yeah, Klein seems like he was kind of checked out and your hotness deserves and will find a Klein 2.0 at the very least. Classy the way you let him off the hook like that via text. I always do that, and then later I wished I'd said something snarkier, but I guess it'd be pointless.