Monday, June 21, 2010

Confessions & TMI

This is definitely TMI.... but this has never happened to me. So I am quite confused???

Klien didn't want me to slob his knob, because he said I'm his GF and he loves me too much for that.

PAUSE. I'm going to let that sink in, then explain.


Tunde said...

yeah so he's tripping. slob right away. hahaha. i'll wait for this explanation.

Anonymous said...

umm when did ya'll get back together?

I would double check to make sure his knob is clean. Might be an excuse to keep you from catching something or irritating the knob.

P.O.W said...

I heard it before from a couple guys...well swallowing (and you know that ain't happening) not the act its self. I say you don't have to tell me twice. Its not something I necessarily like to do anyway LOL but feel free to do me anytime you like

Ice Cold said...

I'm confused by this whole relationship... and homeboy is trippin!

Diva Style said...

Mmmm...yeah, Klein is lying! LOL.