Monday, June 7, 2010

I Don’t Do Pansy...The Break-Up (Pt. 1)

A lot can happen in 6 days...the timeline of the break-up commences.

Last Tuesday: Klein and I spent face-time together. After a rough weekend, the L-bomb, the request for my hand in girlfriend-dom, and his mom’s successful road to recovery, we seemed to be getting back to “normal”, whatever normal is. During our face-time, Klein reiterated the fact that he “loved” me. (His words) and that he’s so happy to have me in his life, and what a fabulous, awesome, wonderful person he thinks I am. We laid around for awhile, talked, caught-up, made out, sexed, cuddled...then he went home.

Last Wednesday: I sent him an e-mail & text in the morning (note before 11am) asking him what his schedule was like over the weekend, I wanted to see if he wanted to de-stress with some libations, miniature golf, and just hang. That evening (note 9 hours later), I sent him a text asking him if he was still taking his exams.

(mid-night, I made one last txt attempt) Me: Hey baby, where r u, I’ve been trying to call/txt u

(an hour later) Klein: Hey baby, I’m ok, just a lot of running around. Exam postponed for me

Side Note: I was in never-never land by this point, so I didn’t respond

Last Thursday: Not totally bothered by his lack of response time, due to us talking about his busy schedule Tuesday, I decided to check on him mid-afternoon to a) catch-up b) to see if he wanted to grab some dinner and c) to see if he had to work over the weekend because I was planning to go to NY. He answered & said he was in the vitamin shop and he would call right back

4-Hours later he calls me, and by this time, I’m at the bar doing flights, glancing at the game and waiting on my chick friend to arrive and partake in liquid libations with me. I didn’t answer because the music was rock band loud, so I sent him a text.

Me: Oh wow you must finally be done at the vitamin store... (sarcasm in txt messages suck) I’m near U St. stopped to grab some food, it’s loud in here so txt me

Klein: U and those quips lol just checkin in u told me you had to catch me up

Me: Yes...everything I had to tell you is old news now and my favor I was trying to ask you is have to work tonight?

Klein: No just studying for my make-up

Me: Can u meet me half-way & walk me home in a little while please?

(half an hr later)

Me: So is that a no?

My chick friend & I stay awhile longer, head to another spot, then I decide to head home. For whatever reason, I decide to forego the cab, and walk (like 15 mins on a bad day) to my place. On my way, I call Klein and he answers. I ask him why didn’t he respond, all he had to do was say no. He says he’s studying and I make a remark, then he says, something about being stressed. He rushes me off, and at this point, I’m a little pissed.

Friday Afternoon:

Txt from Klein: Hey baby, you still mad at me?

Me: Hey baby I wasn’t mad you

Klein: Yes u were i had a rough night. I threw up real bad all of this worry and frequent upsets isn’t good for my stomach

Me: I’m sorry baby. You gotta lighten up. YOU are going to send yourself to an early grave. I wasn’t mad. You just have to learn how to communicate better. ESPECIALLY with the person you’re in a relationship with. All I needed was 5 mins out of your 24hr day. That was the point I was trying to make.

No response

Later Friday Night:

Me: Where are you?

No response.

(3 hours later) Me: Baby seriously????? Are you at work?

No response

So at this point, we hadn’t seen each other since Tuesday, and hadn’t had a conversation for more that a minute. As stated before, he’s a hop, skip and a jump away...not state or county lines, just a few blocks. In my mind, I’m like whatever. I mentally check out of all things Klein, and head to NYC Saturday morning to hang with PATT to party party party.

Before I make the drive: I get this text from him in the am: Hey I feel so bad my head is killing me

Errrrrk, what does that have to do with me trying to get in touch??? I decided not to respond...uhhh as noted mental break was in full effect.

(side note: at some-pount on Friday his phone, got the good ole, you didn't pay your bill, all you can do is text, boot....hence all the text messages rather than calls from Friday on... end side notes)

To be continued...


Cheekie said...

Awww, sh*t! When I saw the title, I'm like, uh-oh, Klein is done for.

He seems like a nice guy and I'm rooting for him, but that lack-of-commuication is my pet-peeve. And I'm the type of person who HATES being in the dark (as I over-analyze...yeah I know that's my flaw, but still folks are wrong for not communicating clearly), so that wouldn't be cool to me. Plus it seems like he uses the "Ow, my head hurts; ow my tummy hurts" thing to soften the fact that he just abruptly ignored you...

P.O.W said...

Tell him to put his big girl panties on and deal...we've all been there and i understand its stressful but damn. You had 4 jobs in school. I have a full time job, a child and school. It doesn't even take 5 min to text. Then men say we're reading into things. Well what else are you supposed to take from not responding to a text or phone call. The first time you don't answer a call/text its like their worlds going to end.

On the flip side sometimes we have whole arguements with ourselves and analyze stuff way to much but i don't think thats the case with this one. It drives me crazy when men say one thing and their actions speak another. Maybe love doesn't have the same meaning in Kleinville.

Eh well On to the next one. So I guess this means 23's not the new black?

This works even better for the debauchery we have planned for my B-day!!!!

This comment is way to long LOL

Elle Kay said...

Thanks for the side note because I was wondering why your relationship was playing out through text message... Though I've heard that's what young people like to do. Text full blown convos. But I can't get with it. That's why it's so easy for him to just not respond to questions he doesnt want to answer. It's pretty rude...

I don't even need a part 2. You should have broken up with him. He doesnt seem ready for an adult relationship. That, or he's talking to someone else.

Tunde said...

like cheekie said i'm pulling for the guy but the lack of communication and frequent gaps would get on my nerves too.

Jubilance said...

Awww, I hope he hasn't hit the dust already.

Anonymous said...

hey hey
@ elle kay i hate that about these young guys text convos even the older guys are doing it. when i meet guys now i'm like call me if you want to talk to me.

ok diva you def. like him and wanted to give him a chance even though you know better. i think the signs were there even though he is going through something i'm not sure what would be the best move on your part. i'm thinking backing way off would have helped. i think he is running young guy game. (with the l bomb) you remember that young guy i told you about in korea. talking about marriage etc etc i got caught up a little bit before his youngness started really shining through. as genuine as they can be he's acting like he's got you and can diss you when he feels like it. i know if he was any other guy you would have stopped texting him. so it goes. at least it didn't drag out

Nick@nite said...

wow... you know, that tcommunication business p*sses me the h*ll off!! and what i love is when they're all "it didn't mean i didn't wanna speak to you".. excuse me, kind sir.. but your actions idctated something otherwise..
dang, he took himself out of play JUST that fast..
i was rooting for him.. but ican't with Klein..
he got more game than Parker Brothers..


@all - thnx for the pov's (and welcome to the new commenters)..... I must say, there were a few things I left out that may be pertinent(sp) to your feelings, re Klein...not that he was right in ANY of his actions, but just to give you a little more insight...

when I asked him if he wanted me to go & support him, I did it, because I knew he was taking everything hard. The day I went there, was also the anniv. of the day his dad died. While I was with him by his mom's bedside, he broke down & I seen him cry. I helped him to pull it together...and his sis and mom really appreciated the way I dealt with him....

I seen how stressed he was 1st hand, and when we had the first comm issue, he told me, he becomes really introverted.

Not that I excuse his actions 100%, because it still only takes a min to make a call or send a txt... but just so you know... the kinda week he was having...

PS don't forget...his cell, got 187'd at some point (had to be Fri, so that's why the text were over the top....oh and he is a baby, I think they were born with cell phone's in hand after 1985)


PS...I don't think it's necess. anyone else, just from convo's...I don't think he know's how to run game, if it hit him in the head, and had a 100 dollar bill attached to it... but that's just me...