Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Get My Groove Back

Just when I thought I narrowed it down, I didn’t. Thus far my choices for this weekend’s costume festivities are:

Virgin (courtesy of Jac)
Sexy Chef
Sexy Chauffer
Cheerleader (I was one last year)
Space Cadet

Ummmm. I can’t think of anything else.

I have two costume parties to go to this weekend. One on Friday and one on Saturday. I love the thought of dressing in costume and hanging out. Last year, I went as a cheerleader and had a blast!!! This year I want to be more creative, however, I have like 72 hours to get it together.

So this past weekend I went out one day, spent one with Mr. H, and chilled on the last one. I have considerably cut down on going out. At first I thought I should have a doctor to check my temperature, you know...to see if I had some kind of “lackofgoingout” bug going around. But in all honesty, I think I’ve kinda been all partied out. Lately it’s been the same thing, different day. I even dropped my signature drink for a new one. Maybe I should switch back. In any case, I’ll get my groove back this weekend!!! Sexy costumes always do it for me!!!


True2me said...

shouldn't have told me what you may be..if I see you out....haha..but dont worry I won't OUT you ..I promise :)

Tunde said...

have a great time this weekend. i know i will. i've got my costume already. @kwatson04, @5h0b4 and i are going as the hot boyz. i'm gonna be turk. lol

i say you go as the virgin too. :-)


@ True, well I guess you'll stick out like a sore thumb since you're going as a smurf...i'll be hiding from lil blue people all night LMAO

@Tunde - The Hot Boyz is not a legit costume. Try again!!!

Anonymous said...

yo yo
hmm my vote space cadet. hehe
i'm trying to decide if i want to dress up. i saw a cat woman costume but no bust small gut. can't do it.
the party goes up and down diva let it be.

Washington DC Dating said...

So tell us what you were!