Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Detroit. The Update: Short & Sweet

5. Detroit & my Michigan trip were good in general. Yes, they are one in the same, but I say Michigan because I was all over the place. I tried to fit everyone and everything in during the course of 4 days (technically 3 minus travel time). I ended up getting semi sick from the lack of sleep, traveling, and being cold...I’m 97% better now.

4. Chuck called me before my plane had the chance to taxi in. I called him back, but I was kinda just tired, hadn’t gotten the rental yet, and had about an hour drive to knock out. We played phone tag the next few days, tried to work something out, and finally got a chance to see each other over dinner & drinks. He has a girlfriend now. At first he didn’t claim her. Like, the first 3 times I asked about her. He finally broke down & showed me a picture of them the night before at her birthday party. Like really, you’re getting ready to go to Egypt with her in two weeks and you are still on the fence??? Hmmmm.

3. Lighting must have struck after I left the church. I’m pretty sure of it. Yes. I said church. I, Diva, actually went to church on Sunday while I was in Detroit. My Aunt asked me to go. Me being a woman of my word obliged her, although I was up until 5am that morning.

2. I won $823.00 dollars at MGM!!!

1. I spent it all back...(not in the same day) damn it. Don’t ask...ok half that night and pretty much half the next day.


Tunde said...

sounds like a pretty good trip. glad you had fun. it can always be taxing when you go to a city and try to see so many people in so little time. happens every time i go home.

Journey said...

I know the feeling. I went to vegas. Won $700 and lost it all back the next. I went to sleep that night feeling on top of the world. The next day, I feel like ish. The longer you stay in that joint the more you lose, thats my theory.

Anonymous said...

wow as long as you got something to show for the money you spent. i wish i was traveling more. winter vacay is coming i gotta plan. i'm glad you are moving around. i bet it's cold up north.

Chaotically Calm said...

Hey Diva,

All in all it sounds like a pretty decent trip. And I'm sure the church wall didn't start to crumble upon your departure...I think ha ha.

And it does sound like Chuck needs to do some re-evaluating of this whole gf situation if it took that much pushing to claim her. Of course he's probably still holding a torch and didn't want to ruin his chances...


@ Tunde, that's cause everyone loves us, and can't get enough!

@ Journey - sad thing is, I told myself I was gonna walk away. I even cashed out....but someone else wasn't ready to I had no choice but to sit there & play...I learned my lesson. On the bright side, I only took $80.00 with me in the first place

@MLM - it was a lil colder there. Not too much. I think this was the yr of travel for me!!!

@Chaotically - I thought I heard a brick or two break when I opened the door

As far as Chuck goes....naaaaaa. We started out as f-buddies, but then became really good friends & maintained it over the last, gosh 9 or 10 yrs... just friends. nothing more. he's too "flashy"