Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Down to Two Nutshells...(cont.)

I know I'm tardy....but ehhh, blame it on the lack of sunlight. So back to Jason and that random text I received from him after my birthday. Remember the one, this one...right here:

Jason’s Text: “So did you get broke off by your boo, lot’s of birthday gifts, and love every minute of it, lol”

So yeah, I mulled it over with male and female friends, thought about it, and well decided that hey, maybe he was trying to see if I was in-fact single, dating, etc. After we sent a few texts back and forth, I decided that I'd see if he wanted to do something. So, let's see it was MLK weekend, Sunday that we made plans. Jason expressed that we "always" do the movies, and that he wanted to do something "different." Since he was out-of-town, I felt like when he got back in town he may not feel up to much, plus it would be a Monday.

Suggestions weren't flowing freely from his lips, so I suggested he come over for dinner (cause I think I can cook, judging from my sparsely ignored cooking blog) and that afterwards we could go to ESPN Zone for games. He said that sounded cool, and we set-up a time.

Monday afternoon, he sends me a text in the afternoon and says we are still on. I told him to come over around 5 or 5:30.

Side Note: Remember how guarded I am about male company. It took the Old Man a year to see the insides of my abode....and I don't recall cooking for anyone in a long time, with the exception of Mr. H, who doesn't count. So this was kinda a big deal for me: End Side Note

I went to the grocery store, prepped my place, and began getting stuff ready at about 4:30pm. At exactly 5:00pm I put the stuffed pork chops in the oven. At 5:01pm, I get a text from Jason saying he can't make it. Something came up, he'll call me later.


I was that pissed. Like how are you going to a) send me a text after we confirmed and b) send a text??? Man-up and call
I responded back with: "Damn, that sux, I started cooking"

That night and the following two days, I was told I shouldn't be so hard on him, and that he's never done anything like that before, and that I should give him another chance....blah, blah, blah.

What happened on the third day was just beyond me....


belle said...

umm.. where's part 3? you take too long between stories :(

Diva Style said...

Girl, too hard on him? Please. I would not go out of my way to microwave him a bag of popcorn after that rudeness, much less a damn dinner. Ugh. Men can be so ridiculous. Whackness at its finest.

Tunde said...


well i hope whatever did come up was a serious emergency. if not that was pretty corny. he should have called too. home cooked meals are hard to come by. he's bullshitting.


Bell, I talk about it so much with my friends, by the time it's time to blog about it, I'm burned out :/

DivaStyle, I took into consideration that it was only strike one.... 2 strikes you're out, you may earn an extra strike on a case by case basis

Tunde, I thought about that. But if it was an Emergency, he would have said that. You know, hey my _____ was in an accident or something....

Right! I barely cook for myself, so when I offer to cook for you, you better take it

The District's Buppie said...

mmmm WRAP him UP. i dont like men who cant be forward..its kind of bitchy