Friday, April 2, 2010

The Details

Curiosity Killed The Cat

The road trip with Mr. H was interesting. Being stuck in a car with Mr. Henry for ten hours at a time gives new meaning to “locked-up”. For the most part, the ride was pleasant. He tried to get me to “pull-over” a couple of times. Once we got to his destination (I dropped him off and met up with friends & family), he got out and was getting his things together...that’s when I seen it. The super-sized black & gold box of condoms.

Hmmmm. So, either he thought he was going to get some from me, or he planned on meeting up with “old” acquaintances. At least he was being safe.

Now, I won’t lie. I was curious about this, seeing as how he’s been dropping hints since December.

(Side Note: He knows I’m not letting him get near my love muffin for the rest of his life. :End Side Note)

So on our way back, I wanted to look in the bag, to see if his magic box had been tampered with. I know I shouldn’t care. But I do....sorta. I sorta care because he 1). said he hadn’t had sex in “awhile” (awhile in Mr. H years, not normal years) and 2). after the long drive back to DC, he tried once again to get me to spend the night, because he said it looked like I was tired, and he was so “concerned” about me.

Ummm. I just drove 10 hours, the extra 20 minutes to my place wasn’t going to kill me.

In Other News:

So, as I mentioned in the last post, the bambino and I went out. While I was gone, he sent me cute little text messages, telling me he missed me, and to have a safe trip. He’s such a sweet guy. We went on date #3 last night..... to be continued


Anonymous said...

Did you find out if the box of condoms had been used?

Anonymous said...

Honestly why is Mr. H still in the picture? It just seems like a wasted dead end relationship...

Tunde said...

yeah i wanna know if the box had been tampered with. lol

also rotflmao @ love muffin

Anonymous said...

i too want to know about the condoms. since you mentioned it. i'm cheering for the young one still. the young guys can be sweet sometimes.

Anonymous said...

lol @ the box of condoms and im curious if they were used as well. but how far should i read back to find out more on mr. h and why he cant get any "love muffin"?


@ all - I wanted to look, but I decided it wasn't that important to I'll never know if they were "tampered" with or not.

As far as Mr. H goes, we were friends for awhile, way before we sarted playing hokey pokey, so it's hard to throw away the friendship part. But as I said, he can no longer poke me...just friends

@MLM - the young one is uber, uber sweet!!!

Single Gal said...

Ha ha! I love your side note about the love muffin. Funny.

Ms.Minx said...

<----team Young buck Klein!!

I'm so over Mr. H and his attempts, girl, lol. Maybe cuz I've kinda had a Mr. H sitchya'shun, lol. Comedy.