Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fetish Or Just Freaky???

Disclaimer: This post is not for the faint at heart. End Disclaimer

When do fetishes become...uhhh, not fetishes???

Ok, so I know I am posting this a little backwards. P.O.W and I just got back from Vegas, and while we are still piecing the events together, I have something a little more pressing to get off my chest. Mr. Henry came over last night for a little post-vacation fun. Yes, I know. It's been awhile. Honestly, I don't know what to say. Let's just skip that little detail and get to the issue at hand.

Mr. Henry is a freak. A big ole freaky kinky something. I mean the biggest freak I know next to, well....I'll come back to that. While we are doing the horizontal tango, Mr. Henry tells me what he wants.

Mr. Henry: Spit on me


Oh, it wasn't just like spit for greasing the monkey. He wanted me to spit on him everywhere...I mean everywhere. And while I was spitting on him, he wanted me to call him every dirty name in the book. Literally. Like degrading names...oh and he wanted me to slap him. A couple of times he said to slap him harder. Now, I'm not one for punching you in the face during sex-sessions, but...if it turns you on...I guess I'll punch you, I think.

Really though, I was running out of spit, and quite frankly, I was thinking:

"Damn, really you like this? If I knew slapping you brought you such pleasure, there were many of times when I would have slapped the shit out of you for pissing me off. Furthermore, how much spit do you think I have, damn" ---

I digress.

When does a fetish become too freaky to perform? Like there are things I definitely DO NOT WANT you to do to me. Peeing on me, spitting on me and choking me come to mind. I'm all for pleasing, but first it's spitting, next thing you know, you'll want me to help you perform some form of erotic asphyxiation. Uhhh. NO. There comes a time, when lines have to be drawn. Like I don't plan on fulfilling a freaky fantasy if:

1. I could be going to jail for performing a misdemeanor because it got his rocks off

2. If it involves him putting any bodily fluids on me that should be reserved for the porcelain god's.

3. If it involved video cameras, yeah I know I can't run for a high level government position anymore, but still...just in case. I don't want to happen upon my own home video on

4. It involves foreign objects.

I'm sure there are more, but this is all I can think of right now...

In Other News:

3 Days till the DR!!!!!


Anonymous said...

well i'm on stand-by for the vegas story.

spit yuck. i hate when i step in spit. i'm not doing none of that stuff. i'm not fulfilling any freaky fantasies that are out of the norm. that righht there is a deal breaker. on the real this made him sound gay. hahaha i mean i would have been turned off by being asked to do that. i would have got up and put on a movie.

Shawn Smith said...

Hmmm. Wow. That is uhhhhh...


I got nothing for this one.

Actually, yes I do. So you had to break down and use the emergency-dick-in-a-glass?

Tisk tisk Sis. Tisk tisk indeed.

Breeeezzy830 said...

Spit? No seriously - spit? Bhahahahahahahahaha.. I can see the slapping. So, after reading this post am I to assume you would pee on somebody if they asked you too?

Anonymous said...

Wow!! I bet half the words you used are not in your vocabulary. You don't talk dirty. Mr. H is going crazy


PS What happens in Vegas.....Ms Pole Dancer


@ MLM - I think he's into a lil dom... trust me he's not gay

@ Shawn - lol @ emergency-dick-in-a-glass, yeaaaaa. I know. I'll explain later

@Breezy - Pee? No, now that is just nasty. That's reserved for the big white porcelain bowl in my bathroom, in Jamaica this chick admitted she did that to her bf

@ POW - I only talk dirty in bedroom. Only, only, only in the bedroom. Outside of it, I have a virgin mouth, LOL

Tunde said...

so you actually spit on him? doesn't that make you just as freaky as him? hmm....

anyway. i would co-sign on number 2 on your list. that would be about it.


So Tunde, you're saying you'll do 1, 3, 4 & maybe more.....hmmmm. Just when I thought you were a prude :)

Ummm the receiver is freakier than the giver in my book. I was just fulfilling his wish. I'm not denying my tendencies, a little tying up is always fun, some things just do not turn me on...

Chaotically Calm said...

So for real....spit...I mean I know spit is natural lube but what I am picturing is you pullin up a loogie and hog spitting on Mr. H. Of course that's what I see when I hear you spit on him. And I hope this was just a polite spit not what my crazy imagination jumped to.

Anywhowhatsit I am with you Diva no body excrement on me...I am throwing up a little in my mouth thinking about it. I am not opposed to a little spanking with a foreign object but I don't consider that's normal right?

See that's the problem what's kinky to some is just plain blah to others.

Mr. H = big ole freak. Diva = half a big ole freak for the spitting thing. LMAO!

@Shawn ha ha dick-in-a-glass I am stealing that!


@ Chaotically - LMFAO....ummm, I kept it sexy. Yes. that's what I said, you can take almost anything and make it sexy. And the slapping him on the face, was done sexy too, even when I slapped him harder.

You're right, freaky is subjective, a little spanking and light bondage are normal to me, but then there are some people who will only do Missionary....go figure :/

Tunde said...

i never said i was a prude. quite the opposite actually. i'm just not the type to talk about it. i like to be about it.

mr. nichols said...

o_O Well I guess this gives "making it rain" a whole different spin.

Journey said...

I agree with Tunde on this one. You are just as freaky as him for doing it. lol

MK said...

Oh my damn, spit?? Yuck. Well it's better than a "shower" I guess.

"If I knew slapping you brought you such pleasure, there were many of times when I would have slapped the shit out of you for pissing me off." LMAO! You are too much :)

Ms.Minx said...

First, thanks for making me spit out my sandwich, lol. I shoulda known better than to keep reading during my lunch after that disclaimer!

Second, OMG!! I think if anyone had asked me to do that, I'd have laughed. Or something. Cuz I'm sure you figured out a way to make it sexy, as you said, but girl, I haven't figured out how I could, lol. Ah well, we all have our limitations, no?

And I think you're 50% the big ole freak that Mr. H is, too :oP

As for your Question, #1 & #2 are out of the question, and #3 would have to be under strict rules (ey, take it or leave it, I say!). As for #4: :oD

Can't wait to hear about Vegas!

Unknown said...

hey..if you intoxicated enough..and the mood calls for it..go for

ewwww tho...PHREAK

favorisntfair said...

I have an issue with saliva...just the thought of it grosses me out...I couldn't do it. Ever. Bless your heart for assisting Freaky Henry. I don't get on here everyday like I used to but Lawd, you never cease to amaze me and keep me entertained. ♫♪Yo life my entertainmeeennntt♫♪

Bri said...

lmao.....omg @ spit on me....not just the monkey but all of me....*jumps in coffin and lowering*

Nah I can dig it...I mean I have done some "crazy things" while under the influence of lickaaaaa

I don't recall spitting just everywhere on a person...okay Mr. H